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How to make a portfolio of primary classes

Start with the title page. Write the name of the student, his surname, age, number of school and class. Illustrations or photographs may also be on the title page.
Next, place the information about the student's family. Paste photos of parents and sign. You must specify the last name, first name, patronymic of the parents, their age, social status or place of work. You can also note what talents they have, what they are fond of.
On the next page you can write about school life. This should be in the form of an essay or photo collage. Ask your child to write about classmates with whom he is friends.
You can post a questionnaire with questions for friends. Decorate it with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.
It is also necessary to reflect participation in conferences, various readings, competitions and contests. Enclose certificates of the participant or diplomas of the winner. Essay also attach to the portfolio.
Overtime activities of the child is also worth noting. Write what he enjoys, in what circles or sections he does. Information about the results achieved, in the form of thanks or medals, put in a file and attach to the portfolio. Photographs, for example, from sports competitions or performances in a school drama school, will also help to reveal the abilities of a schoolboy.
If a child draws well, writes poetry or embroiders, participates in exhibitions with his works, then this should also be noted. If there are photos from exhibitions or thank-you letters for creative activities, invest in a portfolio. Write down and write his poems.


How to prepare a Student Portfolio
How to make a portfolio of primary classes

Student Portfolios for Classroom Assessment
How to make a portfolio of primary classes

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