Set more then 30 seconds video on WhatsApp STATUS || Best Android Mobile Trick 2018

How to make a long status

You will need
  • - Opera
Click the "Start" button to open the main menu of the system and go to the "All Programs" item to launch the Opera browser.
Specify Opera and go to the login page in the social network "In Contact".
Enter your login and password to log in and open the "View" menu in the top toolbar of the site window.
Specify the Source Code command to switch to the source code viewing and editing mode.
Alternative ways to view the source code are:
- simultaneous pressing of keys Ctrl + U;
- click the right mouse button on the empty space of the page to call the context menu.
Simultaneously press the Ctrl + A keys in the source code window and enter the maxlength value in the search field.
Remove text value
maxlength = "160"
in the search results and click the "Apply Changes" button on the top toolbar of the application window.
Repeat pressing Ctrl + A at the same time to perform an alternative procedure for changing the maximum number of characters in the user's status and enter
id = "edit_activity_text"
in the search box.
Wait until the process of determining the necessary code is complete and replace the found one with the following source code:
Click the "Apply Changes" button in the top toolbar of the program window and exit the "Source Code" tool.

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How To Post Long Video In Whatsapp Status 🔥
How to make a long status

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