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How to make a decorative portal for the fireplace

What style to choose

For an ordinary city apartment suitable electric fire with imitations of the flame. It has a lot of advantages: affordable price, compactness, discreet design, which can be designed in any style. In addition, an electric fireplace or fan heater heats the room quickly and fights against high humidity.

If the house has a chimney, you can organize a real hearth with live fire. It will look great in a spacious kitchen-dining room, lounge or living room. An option for people who do not need additional warmth, but wanting to decorate the interior is a false fireplace. Lighted candles are placed in a beautifully designed niche, books and magazines are put in place, bouquets of flowers or houseplants are placed.

The larger the room, the more conspicuous the fireplace should be. Mini construction will be lost in large living rooms. The color of the portal can repeat the color of the walls or contrast with it. It is worth considering that contrasts visually reduce the room.

Material for the portal: ideas from designers

Having decided to create a corner in the apartment with a fireplace, you need to choose the right material. For a classic interior with a predominance of expensive natural materials suitable portal lined with marble or granite. It looks luxurious, but not too defiant, harmonizes well with bronze, framed paintings, porcelain, glass.

The design of the dining room or bedroom will perfectly fit a fireplace box tiled or decorated with plaster. It creates a discreet comfort, combined with an abundance of textiles and soft pastel tones. For small halls suitable fireplaces in wooden design. They give the room a special charm, perfectly harmonizing with the floors of unpainted boards, parquet, upholstered furniture.

When choosing a material you need to take into account the general character of the interior. Rooms decorated in the style of Provence, decorate the fireplace with plaster stucco with decorative overlays. Empire style cabinets require a portal of polished light-colored stone with no architectural excesses. Those who prefer high-tech interiors like fireplaces lined with mirrored tiles or metal.Well, lofts perfectly complement the box of red or white brick, which look brutal, but very stylish.

Useful tips for beginners

Before you start creating a portal, you need to purchase the fireplace itself. It is difficult to change the design of the frame; in most cases, the frame elements are attached to the floor or wall. The shape and color of the product must not contradict the design of the portal. Special foci-inserts are very convenient. They are decorated very simply, do not have legs, protruding parts, catchy logos on the case.

Before starting work, you need to draw a sketch and specify the exact dimensions of the product. The drawing will help to correctly enter the fireplace in the interior and calculate how much material is needed.

The fireplace should be comfortable to use. If you plan to hang a TV or a mirror over it, you do not need to make the portal too high. It is important to think in advance where the sockets, holes for electrical wires and ventilation will be located. Ventilation inserts will not allow condensation to form, the air constantly circulating inside the structure will ensure uniform heating of the room.

If the room is small, you should think about a corner or wall fireplace. Mini design looks original and does not occupy a scarce place on the floor. A hanging fireplace is safe for children and pets, but it is important to properly fix the structure and not to make the portal too heavy.

Designers are not recommended to get involved in a variety of materials. It is desirable to use no more than 2 finishing options, well combined with each other: wood and forged parts, tiles of different textures, matte and polished stone of different shades. For inspiration, you can look through the catalogs with finished products, there will always be some fresh ideas.

To create a portal, you can use both expensive and readily available materials. Among the most popular:

  • drywall;
  • wood boards;
  • parquet floor trimming;
  • metal;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • construction or decorative brick;
  • glass blocks;
  • gypsum;
  • polyurethane.

Do not use plywood or natural wood. These materials are only suitable for false fireplaces. Electrical insert will heat the portal, over time, it cracks and deforms.

Drywall Portal

The easiest and most reliable option for beginners is to make a drywall portal. This material has many advantages:

  • low price;
  • ease of processing;
  • variability of finish;
  • hygiene.

Sheets of drywall can be easily cut, on the basis of them you can make a portal of any height and shape. The final look of the fireplace depends on the chosen finish. The product can be painted with matte or gloss paint, plastered, covered with ceramic or glass tiles, decorative stone or imitation bricks. Fireplace portal turns out easy and mobile, it can be attached to the wall and the floor or set on a stand that is easy to move to any corner of the room. Classic wall and corner fireplaces are made of drywall, if desired, they can be supplemented with built-in furniture: upper panels, open shelves, and lockers.

All the necessary materials can be purchased at the construction hypermarket. Suit and remnants, preserved after the repair. For work are required:

  • standard thickness plasterboard sheets;
  • metal profiles;
  • screwdriver and screwdriver;
  • jigsaw;
  • screws and dowels;
  • roulette.

Sheets of plasterboard cut with a jigsaw or wallpaper knife in accordance with a pre-drawn sketch. It is important to observe parallel lines so that the design does not twist.

The wall is laid out the frame of the metal profiles on a pre-made markup. Holes are drilled with a drill, structural elements are fastened with screws. The accuracy of the frames is carefully calibrated by the level, after which the plasterboard blanks are attached to it. First, the side walls and the portal for the firebox are assembled, and finally the upper mantel is fastened.

In the process, you need to try on the insert - electric fire. It is installed when the internal portal is assembled. On the back of the cut holes for the wires.

Ready fireplace covered with plaster. It is diluted in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. Varying the density of the mixture, you can experiment with the texture of the coating. The thicker the mixture, the more textured the surface of the fireplace. If desired, you can imitate hand sculpting or wild stone.

The final stage is painting. Color depends on the general idea of ​​the interior. It is most convenient to use a matte or glossy water-based paint.It dries quickly, non-toxic, durable. For better preservation, the surface can be coated with a transparent or tinted lacquer with anti-dust properties. It will protect the portal from moisture, burnout, cracking.

Plasterboard portal can be decorated with ceramic or glass tiles, imitation bricks, decorative stone. It is important to choose lightweight materials that are attached to the base on superglue or liquid nails.

Fireplace from the floorboard

After repair, there are often pruned parquet boards, which can be used to create an original fireplace portal. It will successfully fit into the interior and give the apartment an element of eco-chic. The floorboard can become a frame for an electric hearth, it is more often used to create an imitation fireplace. This is a decorative element; instead of a flame, thick candles are put in the firebox.

The floorboard can be left untreated. If you want to make the fireplace more original, wood stained stain. Colored slats will create an interesting pattern and will not merge with the parquet floor.

First, on the wall outlines the contours of the portal. Then the marks laid out the contour of the wooden beam.It should be fixed with an electric drill, dowels and screws. The lower part of the frame is fixed on the floor, skirting in this place is better to remove.

Parquet or batten is cut into pieces of the desired width. They may be the same or different in size, it all depends on the overall design idea. Fragments are glued to the frame and attached to each other with any strong glue. Work must begin at the bottom of the portal. In the center is left a hole to simulate the furnace.

For better fixation, the elements are pressed to the frame with spacers. The finished structure should be left to dry for 12-24 hours. The portal of the floorboard can be covered with a colorless varnish, it does not need additional decorations.

If desired, a mantel is installed in the upper part of the design. It should not be too wide, for better fixing it is attached to the wall with dowels and screws. In the hole for the furnace set candles.

Portal with ceramic facing

Products with matte or glazed tiles look very stylish. They resemble a real oven and fit perfectly into the classic interior.

The frame for the fireplace is collected from chipboard.Plates should not be too thick. Wooden laths are used for fastening, a parquet shield is suitable as a mantel. The portal is assembled with an electric drill and self-tapping screws, the design must be attached to the wall and floor. After assembly, the fireplace is sanded with sandpaper and covered with parquet lacquer in 2-3 layers.

The most crucial moment - facing tiles. A tile, ceramic or glass mosaic is glued on liquid nails. The sketch needs to be thought out in advance, than it is simpler, so the ready fireplace will be more beautiful. If desired, the floor is made out of tiles in front of the hearth. Fragments of cast iron, imitation of bronze spraying, aged wood and varnished perfectly harmonize with the ceramic finish.

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How to make a decorative portal for the fireplace

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