How To Make a Crossbow

How to make a crossbow with your own hands

The educational part is over, now it is worth moving to the practical part. In order to make a crossbow, you need to decide on the primary goals of its manufacture. For the amateur joiner, these are the features of the decoration and the quality of the crossbow, for an athlete these are indicators of convenience and range of the shot, accuracy of the sighting mechanism and other indicators.

Modern materials and technologies allow to make a crossbow of high level of convenience and efficiency. You just need to choose the scheme according to which the assembly will be carried out. Based on the scheme - plan of action, selection of materials is carried out. The main functional nodes of the crossbow are:

  • The bed, the base of the crossbow, on which all the knots are fixed. It is best to make a bed of hard wood.

  • The arms of the crossbow are elastic parts of the device that provide the tension of the bowstring and its release torque. Today, the shoulders make them plastic and polymeric materials, but this does not exclude the use of wood.
    - Trigger or bowstring release mechanism.The implementation of this node may take place in different ways. It all depends on your resourcefulness and practical skills.

  • Sight or front sight. In the implementation node is simple. Much more important is its adjustment and adjustment. The crossbow is quite complicated to adjust for accuracy and is a real challenge to the designer.

  • Before you begin to work, choose the exact scheme, calculate the dimensions and proportions, make the layout of the parts of the foam. The second stage will be the selection of materials for individual parts. Then you should draw and cut out the details. Assembling a crossbow, will not do without fitting the parts to each other. This process will increase the strength of your development. The setup phase, and testing - will be the most enjoyable. After all of the above, you can go bragging to your friends and family, the result. Be careful in calculations and measurements, the success of the whole business depends on it.

Video: DIY PVC Crossbow (Pt. 1/2)

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How to make a crossbow with your own hands

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How to make a crossbow with your own hands

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