How to File a Divorce in India

How to make a claim for divorce

Start typing the application on a computer, relying on the sample provided, with the indication of the addressee to the “Justice of the Peace of the Court Section”. Write the number and location. Here, in the upper right corner, in addition, give the name of the claimant, his home address and contact phone number. Similarly, fill in the details of the defendant. Next, in the center of the sheet, place the title of the document “Claimstatement"And indicate the topic" on terminationmarriage».
The content of the application, open the date of entry into legal marriage with the defendant and write his full name, first name and patronymic. Next, tell the date of the end of marriage (month and year). Indicate the names and dates of birth of children who appeared in this marriage. Describe the reasons why, in your opinion, did not develop a family life.Inform the court from what moment the relationship between you was terminated and no joint enterprise is maintained. Indicate the impossibility of further life together, the lack of property disputes, an agreement between you on the upbringing and maintenance of children.
In the final part, referring to Art. 21 of the Family Code, ask the court to dissolve the marriage between you and the defendant. Write the date of his registration, the name of the registrar and the number of its record entries. In the "Appendix" section, list all the attached documents, enumerating them in order (receipt of payment of state duty, a copy of the marriage certificate, a copy of the statement of claim and a copy of the birth certificate of the child). Now put the date of the statement of claim and sign it.


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How to make a claim for divorce

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How to make a claim for divorce

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