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How to make a canopy

The first thing we need is to choose the fabric for the canopy. The fabric should be either dense and heavy, or very light, almost airy. For an adult bedroom materials such as tapestry, velvet, organza are ideal. Children's bedroom is better to transform with the help of natural fibers. Calico or silk fabrics will be very appropriate here.
For a canopy, a 1.5-meter wide fabric is sufficient. We hem the fabric over the entire area so that the edges are not tattered, we process it and decorate it if there is a desire and possibility. We sew special fastenings on the almost finished canopy, so that these rings can be attached to the ring, thanks to which our canopy will move and move apart.
The frame is the most difficult. Order in the workshop, which is engaged in forging - this is ideal. But you can also make this design yourself. The frame for the canopy is performed according to the same principle as the frame for the curtain in the bathroom.But in our case, you need to bend the metal rod in a semicircle or in the shape of the letter “P”, strung rings on it, then attach it to the wall or to vertical supports.
But it will be easier to make a canopy of wood. A thick timber is attached to the wall, and along its edges are slats that are perpendicular to the wall. For wooden frames, it is better to use a lightweight fabric.
Now it is increasingly possible to see the bed "antique", with supports. There is no problem to make a canopy frame for such beds. There are also ceiling structures, where the fabric is attached to the slats and strings.

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DIY Bed Canopy//Room Decor
How to make a canopy

DIY: How to make a canopy bed under
How to make a canopy

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