How to make a better video

Select a program to edit video on your computer. Among the applications of this type it is worth noting Movavi Video Editor, VideoMaster and vReveal. Improving the quality of the displayed image with the help of these programs is done by applying special filters to the image, which allow you to hide some defects that occurred during playback.
Go to the site of the application you like and select the latest available version to download. After downloading, double click on the received installation file to install.
Run the resulting program using the shortcut on the desktop. Using the �Open� button or the �File� - �Open� option, specify the path to the video you would like to edit. As soon as a file is selected, it will appear in the program window in the form of a movie divided into time frames and frames.
Use the options available in the program window. Adjust image settings using features such as Auto Contrast, Auto Saturation, Brightness, White Balance.If you are using VideoMaster, go to the Effects tab - Enhancements, where you can also adjust the color tone. In Movavi Video Editor, the Image Enhancement option can be used, which automatically adjusts the necessary parameters and presents an improved image.
After completing all the settings, play the video in the program window to see the effect of the changes made. Adjust the remaining options, and then save the resulting clip with the option File - Save. Video enhancement is complete.

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How to make a better video

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How to make a better video

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