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How to lower the bar requirements for people

Waiting for a person of an action, answer the question: why should he do that? Because you want it so much? Or because the norms of public morality provide for it? Or for some other reason? It is wrong to demand or expect from a person something that you want exactly. Remember that every person is free to choose his own path, and you can’t set your own conditions for someone, imposing the only valid algorithm of life that seems to you.
Realize your desires on your own, without shifting responsibility for their implementation to others. For example, you dream of a career for your husband, you think that he should at all costs strive to take a leadership position, etc. But your spouse may think very differently, his career may not be included in his plans at all, since his interests may be in other areas - his favorite hobby, family, friends, etc.Conflicts and misunderstandings will arise in your family because of these differences. The most correct way in this situation would be to make your wish come true in life on your own - build your own career, answering, first of all, for your own destiny.
Learn to respect the opinions of other people, do not consider yourself always and in everything absolutely right. Remember that all people are different, each has its own scale of values, its own world view, which may be different from yours. Your belief that everyone should do this, and not otherwise, is wrong. Yes, in society there are some unwritten norms of behavior, etiquette, but, firstly, not all people have the same level of education, and secondly, many rules are simply morally obsolete, you and the younger generation can look at them completely -differently.
Remember that there are no perfect people in the world; each person, along with positive character traits, is also endowed with some flaws. Give up the habit of idealizing a person, raising him to the rank of almost a saint, remember that everyone can have weaknesses, complexes, fears, prejudices, etc.
More often analyze your own actions towards other people. Answer your questions honestly: have you done everything that was expected of you? Have they failed a person in anything? Have they offended anyone? So you will very quickly realize that you, too, are far from being the most perfect person, that perhaps someone, just like you, is waiting for an act from you that you are simply unable to do for any objective or subjective reasons. .

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How to lower the bar requirements for people

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