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How to learn to manage a man

Find out the main needs of your man and try to meet them. By making a contribution to his moral and material well-being, you will be entitled to count on signs of attention, gifts, etc. In response, do not forget to show love and care, to arrange pleasant surprises for him.
Respect the principles of men. If you are not in everything agree with him, calmly talk and find out the delicate moments. This will make it clear to your man that you value his opinion and respect as a person.
Success in life is the main component of male happiness. But more importantly - the admiration of a loved one. Do not skimp on praise and compliments. Celebrate not only his excellent business skills, but also his appearance, sexual opportunities, etc. But in rare cases, a man must be scolded. Otherwise, he will perceive your compliments as something commonplace. But you need to criticize wisely. First, do not make trouble, and second, do not touch the "sick" points and do not degrade his dignity.
Try to match his tastes, regarding the appearance of the perfect woman.Find out what excites and leaves him indifferent. To drivea man, you need to be for him the most sensual, exciting and sexual partner. Give him maximum pleasure and do not forget to demonstrate your pleasure.
Be welcoming and friendly with youra man. May he always be sure that you support him, you will not leave him either in grief or illness. Support a man in failure, more often say “you can”, “you are worthy”, “I believe in you” and forget “I warned”, “you are a loser”.
Remember an important point: tears are a method only for the most extreme cases. At first they, of course, will pity the man, but very soon they will begin to annoy and anger. And the more often you use this argument, the sooner it will leave you.
Always be bright, independent, self-sufficient and mysterious. For the sake of such a woman, a man will do whatever she pleases!

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How to learn to manage a man

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How to learn to manage a man

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