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How to learn to be brave

First, analyze when the feeling of fear arises and how it manifests itself. To do this, take a notebook and start recording situations, noting when and why the fear arose, how it manifested itself. Determine in which area you most often feel timid: at work or in your personal life. So it will be easier to establish the reason why you did not respond to the greeting of a nice stranger, were ashamed to respond adequately to your boorish colleague or simply to express your opinion about the film, which went against the opinion of the neighbor.
To balance the situation, also record all manifestations of your courage. Remember the feelings and sensations that were experienced at that moment. For each success reward yourself with a mark with a “+” sign. Mark for yourself in what areas the courage to you the easiest way, this is important. If, for example, it is easier for you to show courage in defending someone rather than yourself - simulate a situation, do what you would do when you stand up for another person.
Remember what you wanted to do, and you didn’t have enough courage for it.Record all cases that you remember from an early age. Make a list on the principle from the simplest to the most complex and start from the first point.
Set a goal and perform daily exercises at every opportunity: ask the person who is in a hurry, make a remark to the most scandalous person in the queue, when you meet in the corridor, say hello to the general director of your company by name. If it is difficult to dare, play a game that everyone knows from childhood “as if”. Imagine, as if you are not you, but an auditor, a boss or a nonresident tourist and at the same time the most courageous person. Try to choose challenging tasks.
If you fail to complete the exercise or the planned action, do not give up on it, do it next time.
Come to internal changes through external. Change the hairstyle, appearance, style, clothes.
Try to surprise your close friends who know you very well and do not expect that you dive into the sea with scuba gear or stand on roller skates. Do not avoid situations where there is a share of risk; accept this situation as a personal challenge.

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Images: How to learn to be brave How to learn to be brave
Images: How to learn to be brave How to learn to be brave
Images: How to learn to be brave How to learn to be brave