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How to knit a crossed loop from the broach

You will need
  • Knitting needles, a ball of thread
So, you are going to knit a sweater (or any other product). But having chosen a beautiful pattern in a magazine, they saw that in order to create it, it was necessary to knit a crossed loop from a broach. Do not give up this pattern, do not rush to look for another. Just take knitting needles and threads, sit more comfortably and start knitting. There is nothing wrong with knitting such loops. Here are just two ways to do this, from several that exist today.
Method one. Knit a row to the point where you intend to add a loop. Then untie one crossed front loop, having taken broach by the back wall. In the next row, knit all the loops, as usual. This is the first way to avoid the appearance of holes in a knitted fabric. It is great in cases when you need to hide the added loops, make them invisible. For example, this method can be used when knitting a collar orbevel sleeves.
The second way. In the place where you want to add a loop, enter the needle into the broach, leave it on the needle. In the next, simply flip it to the left needle. Finally, in the third row, knit the broach as a front loop. At the same time enter the spoke for the back wall. It will turn out very beautiful openwork holes that can decorate any knitted product. If you want to tie a beautiful blouse or shawl, use this method.
That's all.

Video: Узор спицами из петель. Перекрещенные петли. Вязание узора. (knitting crossed loops)

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How to knit a crossed loop from the broach

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How to knit a crossed loop from the broach

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