Waterproof Window Installation with Rick Arnold

How to install wooden windows correctly

Remove neatly old window. Prepare the window opening, remove the remnants of the old plaster, sand and level the window sill. Install woodwindowfixing on dowels through his box. By setting the window so you will avoid the offsetwindowon plummet and level due to mechanical loads on it. Use two dowels per side.windowif it is of standard sizes. With larger windows, increase the number of fasteners.
Pay particular attention to the insulation of the assembly, as this is the Achilles heel of your windows. Otherwise, this joint is called the cold bridge. Outside, the insulation must ensure unimpeded steam out. Inside, it should not allow drafts, wind, rain, snow, or moisture into the room. Cover the inner insulation with mounting foam, which will serve as a fuse for moisture, cold and noise.Cover it with a layer of vapor and moisture insulation.
Corner joints of windows should be done with a spike and overlap. Since in essence the connection is sufficiently simple, make it through a hand saw. After you correctly fit all the connectors, attach the corner parts with the help of spikes and put on the glue, make grooves for glass lining of the rails. The optimal dimensions of the cross-section of the rails are 10x30 millimeters. Attach these slats indented 10 centimeters from the inside.
Carefully seal all joints and connections to give your installation a finished look. Now you can be proud of your own work and enjoy the view from the new windows.

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How to install wooden windows correctly

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