How To Insert Signature in Word Document

How to insert a signature in the letter

You will need
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 software.
It would seem that blocks of advertising can now be seen even where. The last inappropriate format of its placement, as it seems to many, is the appearance of small banners on television screens. But there are still unused resources in this business - posting in emails. For the most part, advertising letters are spam, but this can be avoided.
If you correctly add information about yourself, your company or organization, the addressee will willingly follow the link and perhaps become your client. To do this, you must place a certain text at the end of the email, i.e. in his signature. The following blocks can be an example of competently filling out a letter's signature: your e-mail address (preferably in the form of an active link) any image that plays the role of a symbol or avatar; the presence of a business card in which all contacts will be indicated.
First of all, you should pay attention to the information content, as well as a small amount of signature.Consider the factor of speed of downloading letters from different users, a large number of images or high-resolution images require more seconds to download.
To set your signature in Microsoft Outlook 2003, you need to click the top menu “Tools”, select the item “Parameters” in the list that opens, and then click on the elements “Signatures” and “Create”.
In the window that opens, enter the text of your signature in the empty field. Here you can define a file that will be displayed by default. On the "Advanced" tab, you should specify which mailbox you want to bind tosignature.
To save changes, click "Apply" and "OK". Go to the form for creating a new letter and check whether the newly created one is displayed.signature.

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How to insert a signature in the letter

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How to insert a signature in the letter

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