How to add script to Joomla!

How to insert a joomla script

If the script is contained in a separate file with the js extension, you should first place it on the site server, and then add the HTML tags of the script to the code of the necessary pages. To download a file, use any of the methods you are familiar with. This can be done using the FTP client program installed on the computer using the file manager of the hosting company’s control panel or a similar site management system manager.
Then in the Joomla admin panel, open the section related to the modules installed in the system and make sure that there is a module in it that allows you to insert arbitrary HTML code into the documents. Their names are different, but most often they use Special HTML - this is the most common component of this type. Click the “New” button, in the loaded form, check the box next to the Special HTML label and click the “Next” icon.
In the “Title” field of the form that appears, enter a name by which you can later determine what script the module calls.HTML tag call the file with the script enter in the HTML / JavaScript. In some versions of Joomla with a visual editor, this should be done after disabling the WYSIWYG mode. The script download tag from an external file in the general case looks like this: <script type = "text / javascript" src = ""> </ script>. Here in quotes after src you need to specify the address where the file was uploaded in the first step. If the script should not be stored in an external file, then paste it instead of this tag.
In the "Position" field, enter, for example, JSOutput, in the "Show title" drop-down list, select "No", and in the "Enabled" list - "Yes". Click on the “Save” button and the preparation of the script module for pasting into the pages will be completed.
Select an article or a static page in which to insert the module containing the script, and in the visual editor, click the place to display it. Then paste the code {loadposition JSOutput} and save the modified page.

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How to insert a joomla script

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