How to increase the size of an image without losing quality

How to increase the size in Photoshop

Open the app, upload a picture. If you are going to make some minor adjustments, working with brushes or an eraser, then sometimes you just need to change the current scale of the image, enlarge it without increasing the volume of the image itself. To do this, simply use the key combination "Ctrl +" or "Ctrl-" and the scale will be quickly changed.
If you want to increase the volume of the image, its resolution and linearthe sizethen select the menu item “Image” in the top panel and click on the button “Image size”. You can do this immediately by using the "Alt + Ctrl + I" key combination.
The window displays the current parameters of your image: itsthe sizein pixels in width and height, linearthe sizes printed print, the volume that it occupies. All changes will be reflected in the "Dimension" window.the sizeand the images associated with the manipulation of its increase.
Set the parameters you want to increase: width, height or resolution. Pay attention to the checkboxes below: Scale styles, Save aspect ratio, Interpolation. Check the ones you want to use.

Video: Resize Images Without Losing Quality | Photoshop Tutorial

How To Resize A Layer In Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial
How to increase the size in Photoshop

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