3 Ways to Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY and Increase Your Frequency

How to increase the frequency of the processor

You will need
  • Computer, CPUCooL application, ASUS Ai Booster program
Before starting the overclocking, make sure that the computer components have good cooling efficiency. To control the temperatureprocessorDownload the CPUCooL app. This application will not only provide an opportunity to monitor the temperatureprocessorBut it also allows you to set the speed of the cooling coolers to a maximum, thereby protecting the processor from overheating. After launching the downloaded application, set the rotation speed of all the coolers to the maximum.
To raise the frequencyprocessorneed the appropriate utility. Download ASUS Ai Booster. Install the program on your computer. At the end of the installation process, you may have to restart the computer.
Run the program. A monitoring window will appear.processor. On the left in the bottom of the program is an arrow. Click on this arrow with the mouse. Another program panel will open.Pay attention to the toolbar above. Hover over the component of the panel where the arrow is drawn up. The performance mode appears. Click on this arrow with the left mouse button. The overclocking options menu will appear.processor(from 3 to 30%). Choose how much you want to increase the frequency.processor. It is not recommended to choose the parameter more than 15%, since for this you need to have a separate powerful cooling installed.processor. After selecting the overclocking option from below, click OK. Then in the main menu of the program, click on the caption apply.
The system will require a reboot. Restart the computer. After restarting the PC frequencyprocessorwill be enhanced.

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How to Raise Your Frequency and Increase Your Vibration
How to increase the frequency of the processor

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