Top 10 Reporters Who Couldn’t Hold Back Tears

How to hold back tears

The first thing to do is try to calm down and get a little distracted. Take 10-15 slow deep breaths, concentrating on the breathing process, if possible. Sometimes this is enough to not cry.
Try to "switch" attention. For example, remember what is written in your passport - on all its pages (last name, first name, middle name, date of issue, address of registration, etc.), count the buttons on the person�s clothes or the stripes on the carpet, repeat the multiplication table by seven.
The most common reason for �eyes on a wet place� is strong, uncontrollable emotions. And one of the ways to keep yourself from tears is to �switch� from mental suffering to physical. Chop off your ear, as Van Gogh is, of course, superfluous - pinch yourself strongly or bite your tongue or lips. This is a fairly effective way to hold back tears and bring yourself to life.
If the cause of tears is an insult to a particular person, try mentally redirecting the emotions that you experience from yourself to him. For example, if the boss didn�t give you an undeserved dressing, don�t feel sorry for yourself.You'd better be angry with her ... or find out why you feel sorry for her (and her nerves are no good for anything, and menopause soon, and her haircut is unsuccessful). And you can mentally laugh at the offender - dress him in a clown costume, turn him into a crow or a frog ... Whatever - if only the feeling that this person is a threat to you personally has disappeared.
In order not to burst into tears immediately after a conversation, drink half a glass of water or non-hot tea (slowly, in small sips), and at the first opportunity wash with cool water or at least wipe your face with a damp cloth. And immediately get distracted by any business that is not directly related to what nearly made you cry - this will help you fix the result.

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How to hold back tears

How to hold back tears

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