Top 5 questions about hiring an attorney

How to hire a lawyer

Despite the fact that for statusa lawyer, it is necessary to pass the qualification examination in all branches of law, practicing lawyers, as a rule, have a fairly narrow specialization. In this regard, the level of professional training of each of the lawyers in different categories of cases may differ.
In order to choosea lawyerwho will be able to provide the highest quality legal assistance in a particular case, you should find out which lawyers specialize in cases of this category. If a defender in a criminal case is required, then information about the quality of the services provided can be obtained from persons who themselves have experienced criminal prosecution. At the same time, caution should be taken of the recommendations of investigators and prosecutors who may advise to hire a less qualified specialist in order to facilitate the investigation process.
Without a doubt, the main criterion when choosinga lawyerhas a quantitative ratio of the total number of cases conducted with his participation to the number of cases that he successfully conducted. But unfortunately, only court workers own objective information about this.
After selectiona lawyer, an agreement is concluded with him, in which, as a rule, the cost of his services and the stage of legal proceedings, in which the lawyer will participate, are specified. For example, the agreement on the protection of the suspect and the accused during the preliminary investigation or protection during the consideration of the criminal case by the court. A lawyer who participates at all stages of the proceedings in the case, has the most complete information on all the existing nuances, with the consideration of which he can develop the most correct line of defense.
After the conclusion of the agreement and payment of legal services, the head of the lawyer’s institution issues a warrant on the basis of which the lawyer proceeds to work on the case.

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How to hire a lawyer

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