How To Cover and Conceal Tattoos | Quick and Detailed Makeup Routine

How to Hide a Tattoo

Two Methods:

Hiding a tattoo may be necessary for a certain job, acting in a stage or film production, or keeping it hidden from parents. Although tattoos have become more and more mainstream, it is still worth knowing how to cover one up if you have one.If your tattoo happens to be in a visible place, hiding it is fairly easy with some practice.


Concealing a Tattoo with Makeup

  1. Clean the area with an alcohol wipe.Using alcohol will clear off any dirt or oil on your skin. This helps the makeup to stay in place better once you’ve applied it.
    • Most drug stores will carry small, single-use alcohol wipes. You can also find the product bottled if you prefer to use your own cotton swabs or a towel.
    • Be sure to let the skin dry briefly before preceding. The alcohol will dry quickly, but if you use too much, you do not want to apply the makeup on a wet base.
  2. Use an oil-free primer to cover the area.Makeup primers are meant to help the color “grab” onto the skin. Oil-based primers do exist, but they will essentially negate the alcohol wipe step.
    • For shorter cover-up jobs, this may not always be necessary. However, if you are wanting to keep your tattoo covered all day, for example, don’t skip the primer.
    • Primers come in creams, gels, and powders. Get a moisturizing cream primer for longer applications so your tattoo doesn’t continually get too dried out while hidden.
    • Let the primer dry as well before moving on to the next application.
  3. Apply a layer of concealer to the tattoo.Use a synthetic brush to apply the product over the entire tattoo, blending to the skin that surrounds it. Pat the concealer on so that it stays in place rather than sweeping it across the area. This will also help you save product in the long run.
    • Get two concealer shades—one that is lighter and one that is darker than your skin tone—so you can blend more accurately.
    • Use just enough product to cover the tattoo and blend off to your natural skin.
    • For smaller tattoos, you can get by with a solid/powder concealer. However, for larger tattoos, it is best to use liquid concealer because you won’t notice the texture as much.
    • Give it a minute to dry slightly before applying additional layers to continue hiding the coloring of the tattoo.
  4. Apply multiple layers of concealer as needed.Sometimes larger patches of black will take a few layers. The first covering may turn it slightly bluish, and then another layer or two should cover it completely. Be sure to let the concealer dry between each stage.
  5. Finish the job with an invisible loose powder.This makeup setting powder will reduce any shine and give the texture a more natural look overall. It also helps keep the concealer from smudging or wearing down throughout the day.
    • Setting sprays exist as well if you cannot find a powder. Look for one with a matte finish though to keep from adding too much shine to the area.
    • Dab the powder on, similar to the concealer application. This will prevent the underlying layers from smearing.
    • Use just enough setting spray or powder to cover the makeup.

Covering up a Tattoo

  1. Put on long-sleeves or a collar to hide upper-body tattoos.Sleeves on a shirt or jacket are a quick and easy way to cover tattoos all the way down to the wrist. A collared shirt can even help with tattoos creeping up from the chest or neck.
    • A blazer makes for a formal covering for work or other dressy occasions. It works for both a masculine or feminine feel, covering the arms, body, and some of the neck.
    • If it is too warm outside for a jacket or blazer, try a linen material for your long-sleeve shirt. It will be breathable to keep you cool and still keep you covered up.
  2. Wear pants or longer skirts to help in covering leg artwork.Similar to sleeves, a pant leg or maxi skirt will keep you covered from hip to ankle. If you only need to cover the thigh, you can get away with capris or even shorts.
    • Tall socks are an easy option for hiding ankle artwork or anything on the feet.
    • Similarly, consider a high-top shoe or boot if you need to cover ankle tattoos or ones on the feet that come up above your normal shoe line.
  3. Try accessories for smaller artwork.A small wrist tattoo can be covered by a watch or bracelet easily. Similarly, anklets or rings will be able to cover and stay in place to hide those tinier works on the ankles and hands.
    • Hats will cover head tattoos, but they also can shadow and hide artwork behind the ears or along a hairline.
    • Hand tattoos can also be hidden with gloves. Find some stylish fingerless gloves if you still want full use of your fingers.
    • Let your hair down in back or wear a scarf to help cover tattoos around the back and sides of your neck.
  4. Resort to a bandage if you’re short on time.Although it may draw attention, and possibly questions, some employers require the tattoos to be hidden regardless. Using a bandage or gauze wrap can be a simple way to cover up, though.
    • Gauze wrap also has the added benefit of being reusable. So long as it stays clean, you can continue to reuse it.
    • Compression sleeves are another easy solution that will stay in place all day long.

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  • Where you get the tattoo and how big it is will immediately affect how easily you can hide it. Give it at least a little consideration before getting the tattoo, just in case.


  • DO NOT attempt to cover a new tattoo with makeup. Fresh tattoos need to stay clean and sterile. Since the skin has been broken (many times), it will increase the risk of infection or damage to the tattoo itself.

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