The Great Outdoors: Winterizing Roses (#5751)

How to help overwinter roses

You will need
  • - peat;
  • - lapnik;
  • - dry grass.
It is necessary to create conditions for successful wintering of roses at the end of summer. By early August, eliminate or reduce the proportion of nitrogen fertilizers. Feed for roses, which contain phosphorus and potassium. There is a lot of last in wood ashes, as well as microelements.
Pour a 500-gram can of ash into a bucket, put a tablespoon of superphosphate and pour 7 liters of hot water. Let the fertilizer infuse for 2 days. Stir the contents periodically. This nutrient solution is necessary for flowers the day after watering. Feed this recipe at the beginning and end of August.
By the end of September, cut all the flowers and buds. Then the wood will have an opportunity to ripen until mid-October.
Another necessary condition for a good wintering of roses is that the soil under the bushes should not be too humid, otherwise the plant may melt. Therefore, in mid-October, carefully loosen the ground around the bush and cover the soil under the plants with cellophane film.
At the end of this month, trim. Remove all undelayed shoots. Haynogibridnye, floribunda cut by a third. Climbing and ground covering do not cut, but bend to the ground and secure in this position with the help of plastic arcs, wooden staples.
When nighttime temperatures are -3 ° C, you should start warming the roses. Cover each plant with a layer of loose peat by a third, and the young - by half. It will help the bushes do not freeze out in severe frosts. On a peat lay a layer of dry grass or dry leaves. From above, place the branches of spruce branches.
Sprinkle a stem of a climbing rose with peat to a height of 30 cm. Put dried grass and spruce branches on the bent plant stems.
Sometimes in winter a crust forms on the snow surface. There is a lot of humidity inside the snowdrift, there is no ventilation, and oxygen does not flow to the roses. If you arrive at the site in the winter, then carefully destroy the crust with a fork to allow the bushes to breathe.
In spring, the upper part of the shelter, consisting of spruce branches and leaves, is removed immediately after the snow melts. This should be done when the weather is overcast, otherwise the plant may get burned.In late April, break the bushes, and if the weather is warm, then in the middle of this month. If some branches froze, do not rush to remove them. Wait for the buds to appear on the rose. If they are not formed on these branches, then cut them with shears. In the same way, remove diseased branches. Feed the plant infusion of mullein and wait for a quick flowering.

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Covering Roses for Winter
How to help overwinter roses

Home Gardener - Overwintering Roses
How to help overwinter roses

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