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How to hang a mirror

Let's say you need to hang a small and lightmirroron a flat surface. You can use high-quality glue "liquid nails".
Clean the back side of the mirror and the surface on which it will be attached, from dust and moisture. Additionally, you can degrease both surfaces with a solvent or alcohol. Apply glue on the perimeter and in the central part of the mirror, and then attach it to the place that was previously marked in level. Secure the mirror with paper tape until the glue is completely cured.
If you are faced with the task of hanging big and heavymirrorthen the use of decorative holders for mirrors and glass will be a simple and reliable method of fastening. You can buy them in stores building materials.
Attachmirroragainst the wall, leveling it, and then outline its outline with a pencil or make a few marks. Fasten the decorative holders along the contour of the mirror, placing two of them on the bottom, and two or three on each of the vertical sides.Use a tape measure so that the distance between the holders is the same. After that installmirrorin place and secure it with decorative lining holders.

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How to Hang a Large Picture or Mirror by Charlotte Home Inspector
How to hang a mirror

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