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How to grow forget-me in the country

Garden forget-me-not blooms for a long time - from May to June. There are varieties with different color of flowers. They can be blue or pink, larger or smaller. Plant height is also different: from 15 to 40 cm.

Forget-me-not growing conditions

Sufficiently cool areas can be considered the most suitable place for this plant, where there is shade, and the soil is well moistened, loose and fertile. During digging the soil make compost or well-rotted manure. In the open sun, flowering periods are significantly reduced.

Forget-me-not seeds are sown in June for a temporary bed. Approximately in a week shoots will appear. In August, the seedlings are transplanted to a permanent place, leaving 10 cm between the plants. Forget-me-not tolerates winter well, without demanding shelter. In the following year, in the early spring, soil is looser and fertilized with nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers.

Places forget-me-nots on different flower beds: flowerbeds, mixborders, they are planted on the edge of garden paths, on curbs, as well as in rock gardens.

Of the pests of forget-me-not, aphids and cruciferous fleas are the most dangerous, and of diseases - powdery mildew, gray and root rot.

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Forget-Me-Not Flower Farm
How to grow forget-me in the country

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