How to Travel Europe on a Budget (Cheap Flights, Student Discounts, & More)

How to go cheap to Europe

Get a visa. To enter the European Union you will need a Schengen visa. Not many people know that even at this stage you can save. To do this, simply find out where in your city is the consulate of the selected country. The website of the consulate usually has all the necessary information about the necessary documents and the time of admission. Independently collect the necessary paper and go to the consulate. Thus, you will not overpay to firms for middlemen for a visa.
Decide on the mode of transport. Combining several types of transport, you can significantly save. In Europe, there are low cost airlines that sell tickets to their flights at very low prices. However, low-fires fly exclusively in Europe. Unfortunately, the Russian sky is closed for them. So the main task of an independent traveler is to get into the territory of the European Union.
Buy tickets.Find a suitable flight, as well as purchase tickets for it, you can use the Internet. First, find out which airlines fly to your chosen country. A list of low-cost companies can also be easily found online. Then find the official website of the carrier and order tickets.
Book a hotel. Knowing exactly the dates of your trip, you can start looking for a suitable place to stay. On the Internet there are several large sites for booking hotels. You can also find very good deals there - sometimes hotels reduce the cost of living up to 70%, provided that payment is made immediately after booking.
Another way to significantly save on accommodation is to book a private apartment. In Europe, this type of accommodation is very developed, when local residents offer their apartments to guests for a small fee. Such ads can also be found on the Internet. By the way, apart from the fact that apartments are sometimes much cheaper than hotels, you can save money on food. Unlike apartments, in hotels it is very rare to find a full-fledged kitchen. If you wish, you can not eat in a cafe, but buy products in a nearby supermarket and cook at home.
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When booking tickets and accommodation, use only trusted sites. It is cheaper to order tickets only on the official websites of carriers.
Helpful advice
Before you go on an independent journey, read various tourist forums and websites. Usually there you can find a large number of reviews and useful tips from experienced travelers who have already visited the country of your interest.

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How to go cheap to Europe

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