My experience using glue on Trim / Moulding

How to glue the molding

You will need
  • - molding;
  • - pencil;
  • - brush;
  • - tape measure;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - polyurethane glue;
  • - foil-potal gold or silver color;
  • - lacquer
If you decide to use the molding that way, then you should paint it before applying the sticker. Cover the molding with a thin layer of varnish and let it dry a little. Cut a piece of foil-hem and apply it on the molding with a brush. Smooth the foil gently with a dry cotton swab. Make sure that there are no wrinkles and irregularities. Brush off any excess foil with a brush. Cut the next piece of foil and repeat all the steps. Make sure that the entire surface of the molding is covered with a neat layer of foil. Allow the molding to dry. Carefully inspect the molding and carefully apply a new coat of varnish in the places where cracks have formed. Glue extra pieces of foil on them. Brush off any excess foil with a brush.
Design or select an ornament. Measure out the right distance from the edge of the furniture surface.Mark the surface, causing small points of reference on it. Gently transfer the drawing to the desired surface with a pencil.
Attach the corner elements of the molding to the painted ornament. Carefully measure the distance between them.
Cut the molding into pieces of the required length with a hacksaw, leaving an “allowance” of 1-2 mm.
Lay out the whole ornament on the desired surface and make sure that all the details fit together exactly.
Apply polyurethane glue gently to the corner elements of the molding. Combine them with the pattern made on the surface and press firmly. After the corner elements are fixed on the surface of the furniture - paste the remaining details of the ornament. Let the glue dry.

Video: How to Glue PVC Boards Trim & Moulding

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How to glue the molding

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