Glue tests on XPS foam

How to glue foam rubber

You will need
  • - glue "Rapid-100", BF-6, "88", "88-H";
  • - iron;
  • - a clean rag.
For bonding foam rubber, use contact adhesives on a neoprene, polyurethane or styrene-butadiene basis. These types of adhesives were originally used in the woodworking and shoe industry, and then found wide application in the production of upholstered furniture.
Please note that more modern, though not the cheapest, compositions for gluing foam rubber have a non-combustible base. Water-dispersion adhesives, which are practically harmless to humans and the environment, are also used.
One of the special adhesives used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture and gluing of foam rubber parts is the “Rapid-100” composition. In this composition there are no flammable solvents, so it is fire safe. Use this glue if the main criterion for the finished product for you is a soft glue line.
Prepare the parts to be joined and apply glue to the surfaces to be glued using a special spray gun.The second method of applying glue involves the use of a soft brush or rollers, but this increases the consumption of glue. When applying two-sided adhesive composition, the optimal consumption is no more than 70 g / sq.m. The open time of the applied adhesive ranges from 20 to 45 minutes.
When using Rapid-100 glue, keep in mind that it provides a very fast contact setting. A few seconds after applying the adhesive, a strong connection is provided, to the extent that when you try to tear the product, it breaks not by glue, but by foam rubber. But the glue retains its ability to seize for half an hour after application and even more.
Use for gluing foam rubber to different types of fabrics as well as adhesives BF-6, "88" and "88-H". At the same time, the foam and fabric should be lightly moistened with water and lubricated with BF-6 glue. After a few minutes, a sticky film will appear on the surface of the foam and fabric. Dry this film in air for about 10 minutes, until it stops sticking to dry hands. Then apply a second layer on both surfaces and after 5 minutes combine the parts to be glued. Place the connection with a warm iron through a slightly damp cloth.
When using the “88” and “88-H” grades, apply one layer of glue to the surfaces to be joined, press down the parts and iron through the dry cloth.

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How to glue foam rubber

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How to glue foam rubber

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