How To Get Sick Fast To Miss School | ULTIMATE Faking Sick Morning Routine!

How to get sick quickly

Perhaps the most common way to get sick leave is to quickly get a cold. In order to fall into bed with the temperature after the weekend, it’s enough for many to stroll through the frost without a hat, stand in the wind after a hot shower, walk in wet shoes, drink ice milk. However, those who have good immunity, so easy to get sick will not work. And in general, methods of hypothermia are fraught with the fact that it is possible not to wipe out the usual ARD, but to seize bronchitis or pneumonia, which often have serious consequences.
You can get sick quickly and easily, if you visit your sick friend. Diseases such as rubella, mumps, chickenpox are very easily transmitted by airborne droplets, but most often they are sick once in a lifetime, and this happens in early childhood. But the flu is very easy to pick up, but again it is unsafe due to possible complications.
It is easier and safer to get a sick leave if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.How to get sick quickly with similar diseases? Very simple. It is enough just to tell the doctor about bad health with symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Elevated temperature occurs during stomach upsets with severe poisoning, but with gastroduodenitis, for example, there are strong spasms in the intestinal area, bloating, pain in the stomach without raising body temperature.
If you have bad teeth, you can sign up with a dentist and get the coveted sick leave. However, the unpleasant procedures that were postponed until later for a doctor may not please many people if they want to have a day off in this way.
You can get sick quickly if you turn to a surgeon, for example, with a sore neck. Otolaryngologist can show the shooting ear. Often, otites do not manifest themselves with pronounced external symptoms, and therefore you can easily get sick leave.

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How to get sick quickly

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