4 Best Ways to Remove Age Spots Naturally

How to get rid of age spots

Before you try to remove pigment spots, find out the reason for their occurrence in a dermatologist. If a violation of the natural pigmentation of the skin has arisen due to any malfunction of the internal organs, then first of all, it is necessary to treat them, and not the skin. You can also consult your doctor about medical methods of getting rid ofstains. The doctor will tell you in detail about such modern methods of treatment as chemical and ultrasonic peeling of the skin, laser grinding, etc.
If you do not have problems with internal organs, and you are not interested in medical methods for removing pigment spots, try using bleaching creams. With their help, you will relatively quickly achieve a noticeable result. However, they should be used under the supervision of a dermatologist. The fact is that some bleaching creams contain substances that can cause an allergic reaction and aggravate the situation.
Print pigment spots will help popular recipes of beauty. Daily wash with lemon water.To make it, mix one part of lemon juice with three parts of water. You can freeze this cocktail and wipe your face in the morning and in the evening with an ice cube. The duration of the procedure should not exceed 1-2 minutes. Do not use the same ice cube many times. After completion of the procedure, wash with cool water.
Effectively eliminate the pigment spots cucumber mask. On a coarse grater, rub one medium-sized cucumber, add 1-2 drops of lemon juice to the resulting slurry. For viscosity, you can add a little flour. Apply the mask to the cleansed face for 20 minutes, then rinse off alternately with warm and cool water. Cucumber masks can be alternated with sour cream. Apply sour cream to the cleansed face, avoiding the area around the eyes. After 15 minutes wash the mask with cool water.

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How to Get Rid of Age Spots Naturally - Remove Brown Spots On Face
How to get rid of age spots

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