How to Calculate Density of Liquids - With Examples

How to find the density

You will need
  • scales and measuring cylinder, hydrometer, density meter
Calculate the density of the substance. If you need to measuredensitysolids or liquids, find their weight on the scales. Then measure the volume. If the body or vessel with a liquid has a regular geometric shape, calculate it. In the case when the body has the shape of a parallelepiped (brick), measure its length, width and height, and multiply these three values. If the shape of the cylinder - measure the diameter of its base and height, then multiply the square of the diameter by the height and 3.14, and divide the result by 4.
A simpler option - pour liquid into the measuring cylinder and determine its volume on a scale. To find the volume of a solid body of irregular shape, pour water into the measuring cylinder and immerse the body in it, but determine the volume of the body at the level of the rising liquid.
To finddensitysubstances, its mass divided by the volume ρ = m / V. If the mass is measured in kilograms, then measure the volume in cubic meters, if in grams, in cubic centimeters.
Calculate the density of the liquid.Pour the liquid into the vessel in such a way that the hydrometer to be lowered into it, which resembles a float, does not touch the bottom. After it has floated in the liquid, on the scale that is at the top of the hydrometer, determinedensityfluid along the bottom of the meniscus adjacent to the tube of the device. This device is convenient because with its help it is very convenient to determine the concentration of the solute. To do this, simply change its scale.
Calculate the density of the gas. To determine the density of the gas, use a vibrating density meter. Fill the sensor with gas and power the device. On its screen you will seedensitygas.

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Images: How to find the density How to find the density
Images: How to find the density How to find the density