How to find out what vitamins are missing in the body

All vitamins are divided into two categories: fat soluble and water soluble. The former tend to accumulate in the body in fatty tissues and in the liver; therefore, their deficiency is extremely rare. But water-soluble vitamins are easily removed from the body and do not have the properties to be deposited. These include vitamins B and C.
The main function of B vitamins is participation in tissue respiration and energy production. In addition, the emotional state of a person depends on them. Representatives of this group are easily destroyed under the influence of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and refined sugar, so many people suffer from their shortage.
Try to objectively assess the state of your health. Lack of each of the vitamins has its own symptoms. With a deficiency of B1 or thiamine, a person suffers from numbness, pain in the limbs, cramps and other disorders of the nervous system.Lack of riboflavin (B2) is dangerous for inflammation of the tongue and lips, dry mouth, painful ulcers in the corners of the lips. Beriberi nicotinic acid or B3 threatens its owner with inflammation of the skin, as well as insomnia, diarrhea and general weakness. Lack of enough vitamin B4 (choline) will result in liver problems. With a lack of pantothenic acid or B5, cramps and pains in the joints begin, hair falls out, and vision deteriorates.
The absence of pyridoxine or B6 will result in headaches, increased fatigue, anorexia, anemia. Lack of B7 (biotin) will cause nausea, weakness, swelling of the tongue, various skin lesions. Folic acid deficiency is most common in women and provides them with insomnia, irritability and even depression. The lack of the required number of B10 or para-aminobenzoic acid threatens with intestinal disorders. B11 - (levocarnitine) in the case of its beriberi disturbances occur in the metabolic processes of the body. Lack of cyanocobalamin or B12 is very dangerous, as it causes anemia.
Vitamin C deficiency is accompanied by deterioration of immunity, slow healing of wounds, pallor of the skin, chronic fatigue, weakness and lethargy.Sources of vitamin C are wild rose, Bulgarian pepper, dill, parsley, Brussels sprouts, citrus fruits.

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How to find out what vitamins are missing in the body

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How to find out what vitamins are missing in the body

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