Piston Ink Converter for Fountain Pen - Parker

How to fill the handle Parker in 2019

Pen refill with rotary filler
Unscrew the sleeve. To squeeze air from the ink tank and create a vacuum, turn the piston down. In order to avoid air getting into the filler, immerse the pen completely in the bubble and screw the piston back to failure. Never drop the filler itself into ink. Remove the pen from the ink bottle, turn the plunger and release a few drops. Wrap the piston back to the full. Thus, a small amount of air enters the tank. This will help prevent ink from leaking out. After cleaning the pen, you can continue to use the pen.
Handle refill with slider piston filler
Pushing the lever on the side, move the piston. Completely immerse the pen in the ink bottle. To create a vacuum, lower the lever down. To suck up ink, lift the lever up. Remove the pen, release a few drops of ink and lift the lever all the way up. Then clean the pen.A piece of metal present in the ink tank is a component of the filling system. Delete it is not necessary.
For the best pens are designed ink capsules that are color-coded. They are supplied with a reserve capacity or an additional supply of ink, allowing you to write about a page of text. When the capsule is empty, click on its end to release additional ink.
To change an empty capsule to a new one, remove the cap from the handle and unscrew the sleeve from the top of the case. Remove the empty capsule and insert a new wide end forward. Gently push the capsule inside. When it is punctured, a click should be heard. Screw the sleeve into place.

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How To Use A Fountain Pen
How to fill the handle Parker in 2019

Parker Fountain Pen Refill - Piston Ink Converter and Cartridge
How to fill the handle Parker in 2019

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