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How to fill out an application for registration of a legal entity

You will need
  • - application form;
  • - a pen.
Get an application form for registration of a legal entity. You can get it on a personal visit to the Federal Tax Service (FTS) or download it on its official website. Go to the "Legal Entities" section, select the category "State registration of legal entities." There you will find the link “Forms of documents”. Click on it, and then you can download and print the application.
Fill out the application either on the computer or by hand, but in block letters. In the first paragraph - "Organizational and legal form" - specify the type of organization that you open. Most often it is a limited liability company. In the section “Name of the legal entity” you must indicate the name of the organization in Russian, as well as, if necessary, in English or in any local national language.
Next, specify the address of the legal entity.Moreover, if a company has several departments, it indicates the place where the head of the organization is located, for example, the general director.
Write down on a separate page information about the founders - indicate his name, name (if the founder is the organization) and share in the authorized capital of the company. If the founder is one, then the share is indicated as 100%. It also indicates its value at the time of registration.
If one of the founders is a foreigner, this is indicated separately.
Information on a person who can act on behalf of a legal entity is indicated on a special sheet. This is usually the CEO. Next, you must specify the number and coordinates of the branches that make up the organization.
Separately given information about the activities of organizations. You must specify their number, codes for the tax classifier and the name.
At the end of the application, the person who fills it must indicate their name and coordinates. The document must be signed in the presence of a notary who certifies the validity of the signature.

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How to fill out an application for registration of a legal entity

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How to fill out an application for registration of a legal entity

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