How to Fill Out Your W4 Tax Form

How to fill out a tax deduction document

You will need
  • - program "Declaration";
  • - reference 2-NDFL;
  • - passport, TIN;
  • - Tax Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - a package of other documents (depending on the type of deduction for which you are applying).
Currently, a special program has been developed to fill in the declaration. It consists of four tabs. In the first, the conditions are entered. These include the type of declaration, the number of the tax authority, the sign of the taxpayer and the type of income of the person completing the document.
The second tab consists of information about the declarant. In this box, enter your surname, name, patronymic, passport details (or other identity document). Fully enter the address of the house, apartment where you are registered. Enter your contact phone number. If the inspectors have any questions, they will be able to clarify your information by contacting you.
In the third tab fit income. Enter the name of the company where you perform your job function.Monthly enter the amount of your remuneration for the last half year. If you are employed by the workbook, then indicate the income code 4800, which means other income.
The fourth tab is filled depending on the type of deduction for which you are applying. If you want to receive a standard deduction, then know that you are entitled to 400 rubles every month until that month, until your income on an accrual basis has exceeded 40,000 rubles. If you have children, then 1000 rubles per month are deducted for each child.
Many people study in absentia and on a fee basis, and the state returns to students 13% of the cost of education. To do this, calculate the amount of money spent on study for the last semester (six months). Write it in the social deduction box.
When buying, for example, housing relies property deduction. Information on real estate, including the address, as well as the method of acquisition, is entered on the appropriate tab. Specify the date of registration of ownership of the apartment, house. Write the amount spent on the purchase of housing. Here, according to the law, you can include the cost of repairs (purchase of materials, payment for work),but they must be documented.
Depending on what deduction you want to receive, attach a package of documents. Study the RF Tax Code, in which the list of documentation is described in detail. Please note that the 2-NDFL certificate is obligatory, therefore request it in your work.

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Basic Explanation of W-4 tax Form : Deductions & Adjustments Worksheet: W-4 Tax Form
How to fill out a tax deduction document

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