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How to equip a dark kitchen

White wallpapers

In order for a dark room to visually appear more lit, and at the same time spacious, it is better to make the walls light. They can be snow-white, which, however, will not be very practical if you like to cook, and do not order food exclusively from restaurants. Milk, beige or ivory wallpaper, tile or paint will also work. It is desirable that there was no pattern on the walls. Your kitchen will immediately freshen up.

Bright accents

Juicy accents will also help to make the kitchen more light. Turquoise napkins, a set of kitchen utensils with orange handles, bright pink cutting board and a couple of pots with greens on the windowsill do not overload the room, but make it beautiful and cozy. Choose a curtain of warm yellow or green hue. Even a dark kitchen, lit by a dim winter sun, they will make more cheerful.

Let there be light

If there is not enough natural light from the window in the kitchen, fill it with artificial light.It is advisable to install a bright overhead light and hang a pair of sconces on the wall so that you can choose which light you are more comfortable in at the moment. You can also simulate a window by installing a stained glass window with light, for example, above the dining table. You can install small light bulbs in the lower surface of kitchen cabinets, so that the light falls just on the workplace where you cook. Also, the lighting can be installed around the perimeter of the kitchen.


The more items you have in the kitchen, the darker it looks. Therefore, consider whether something can be removed to other rooms. And, perhaps, without something you can do without. If you are doing repairs in the kitchen, immediately pay attention to the modest headset. For those who cook a little, it makes sense to buy a stove not with four, but with two burners. The refrigerator can be rearranged into the corridor, the washing machine should be installed not in the kitchen, but in the bathroom, but the breadbox inherited from the grandmother, which stands on the shelf and blocks the sun that already rarely enters this room, can be thrown away.

Light is my mirror

In the kitchen, it is not customary to hang mirrors, but they are able to visually make the room brighter and more spacious. Choose kitchen furniture with mirror accents.It will look original, add light to the dark kitchen, and you will be able to correct the hairstyle disheveled during the fun time over a complex dish in time.

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How to equip a dark kitchen

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How to equip a dark kitchen

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