Enabling and Disabling Restrictions in iPhone and iPad [How To]

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How to enable the "Restrictions" feature on IOS

The "Restrictions" feature allows you to limit the program or any other content on your device. It is very useful if you, for example, want to remove applications that a child should not climb into.
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Go to Settings.
Find the item "Basic".
At this point, find the "Restrictions".
Click "Enable Restrictions".
Think up and remember the password with which you will enter the "Restrictions" item. If you need to disable the "Restrictions", then without a password you can not do this.
If you want to block access to any basic program (for example, "iTunes Store"), then click on the slider. Once you do this, the program will disappear from the desktop. If you want the program to appear again, then again click on the same slider.
If you need to block any other content (for example, "Programs"), then scroll down and click on the chapter you need.Note! Programs, films, etc. are blocked only by age (that is: 12 +, 14 +, etc.).
Uncheck the age you want and the 18+ programs will disappear from your desktop.
If you need to turn off the restrictions, then click on the "Disable restrictions" button.
After you disable the restrictions, all the programs that were in the folders will be on the desktop and you will have to reinstall them.

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How to enable the Restrictions feature on IOS

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How to enable the Restrictions feature on IOS

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