How to Install Butt Hinges

How to embed door hinges

You will need
  • - doors;
  • - loops complete with screws;
  • - a hammer;
  • - chisel;
  • - a knife with a thin blade;
  • - Screwdriver or electric screwdriver.
First, on the door, select the place for the hinge. For an ordinary interior door, install two hinges, at a distance of 25 cm from the top and 25 cm from the bottom. Consider that heavy doors, for example, from solid oak, or metal entrance doors, require additional fastening, 20 cm lower than the top (since the main load falls on the upper hinge).
Inspect the door and box, if you see knots, chips, cracks and other defects that can complicate the hinge insert, it is better to move the mount slightly up or down.
Put the door on the edge and rest it on one side with something so that it is stable. Attach that part of the hinge that is being worn to the end face so that the edge exactly matches the edge of the door leaf, and fasten it to the two screws. Make sure that the loop goes strictly parallel to the canvas. Then mark the edges of the hinge on all sides with a knife with a thin blade.
Remove the screws and mark the hinge thickness line on the front side of the door with a knife. Cut through the chisel contour line. Remove the layer of wood in the place where the loop will be fastened with a chisel and a hammer. From time to time, try on a loop to make sure that you are doing everything correctly.
Screw the loop into place, on all screws. If the loop of the village is too deep (that is, you have overdone it, removing the layer of wood), place a piece of thick cardboard under it. Please note that the hinge must be flush with the door leaf (otherwise the door will “pull” and not close well).
When both hinges are ready, place the door in the opening and align it so that there is an equal gap everywhere around the perimeter. Mark where the hinges should be attached to the door frame.
Similarly, cut in the second part of the hinge, then put on the door leaf and check all the gaps, ease of opening and closing the door.

Video: How To Easily Install Euro Cabinet Door Hinges | Woodbrew

123 - How to Install a Butt Hinge Mortise
How to embed door hinges

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