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How to easily change the image during the day

Staying in the same outfit all day is moveton. For evening events I want to prepare somehow in a special way, because the monotony of the office style is annoying. To come to a party in an office attire is not the best idea. A holiday will not be a holiday if it is treated without much enthusiasm.

If you immediately put on your evening outfit, then at work you will feel, to put it mildly, uncomfortable, attracting the attention of employees and partners. Such attention is unlikely to please you. It is necessary to think in advance how you will look, and at the expense of what little tricks you can transform in the evening. And then you are guaranteed a comfortable and familiar working day, as well as the necessary attitude for a fun evening.

One of the most convenient options for your transformation is the competent selection of accessories. Interesting jewelry and elegant handbag will do the trick. All this can be hidden in a large everyday bag.These small pieces of style will go well with a black pencil skirt and a white shirt or blouse.

A dress with a laconic strict bottom and an interesting top will be a win-win option. It will help you look flawless and intriguing. You can add an outfit with a jacket or cardigan, jumper or vest.

A little black dress can also help a fashionista. In the evening, it can be combined with a classic denim jacket. In this case, the official dress code will be respected, and the evening look will be quite interesting.

A free suit in a single color scheme also has the right to life, if you add it with a T-shirt, T-shirt or top with some kind of twist. With the help of a jacket, which you take off in the evening, you can hide an interesting print that is not legal in the office, but acceptable at a party.

If the decision to continue the evening after work came to you spontaneously, then bright lipstick or hair change will be your magic wand. This little thing will quickly be able to switch you to the mode of rest and fun.

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How to easily change the image during the day

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