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How to draw up an act of readiness of heating systems for the winter period

Type at the top of the document: "Actreadinesssystemsheating for the winter season. " Below write: "We, the undersigned representatives of the company with which the contract for thermal supply was concluded." Nearby indicate the full name of the company and its legal organizational form.
Tick ​​the name of the building owner (or organization manager). Indicate who received the localsystemsHeating systems prepared for winter (for example, by a contracting organization). Next, write the information about the location of the building in which the heatingsystems.
Print thermal datasystems. For this you can make several points in the document. For example: “1. The results of the inspection and testing during hydraulic testing (here it is necessary to indicate how high the pressure was raised) showedthat after the shutdown of the press after 15 minutes, the hand has dropped to (the value of the hand) within the norm; at the same time, the specific leakage of water with a volume of 1 m3 did not exceed the standard value. 2. In preparationsystemsheating the following work was done. Further specify what works have been made.
In turn, the following types of work can be performed: by elevator nodes, as well as control nodes (complete set of adjusting and stop valves, preparation of thermometer sleeve, equipment marking), on instruments (restoring heating surface of heating devices), on cranes (installing serviceable control valves), providing access to the basement in order to check the condition of the heating equipment, insulation of heat pipes.
Write conclusions on the work done. Then type: "The heating system is accepted for operation during the winter season." Next, specify the date.
Sign all the necessary signatures (representative of the company with which the heat supply agreement was signed; the building owner; representative of the contracting company).


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How to draw up an act of readiness of heating systems for the winter period

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How to draw up an act of readiness of heating systems for the winter period

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