Do Your Dance Challenge Musically | Popular Dance Compilation 2018

How to do your dance

Choose the right music. It is desirable that the song for the dance was not overly hackneyed. Of course, it can be well recognized and popular, but at the same time, many songs are promoted on the principle “the more often the better.” Dance to the music, which has become boring to the viewer, is not worth it.
Choosing a song, try to meet other requirements for music:
• it must be rhythmic - under such music it is easier to move and get into the beat;
• throughout the song, it is desirable to develop a theme rather than a monotonous repetition of the same passage. In particular, electronic music is not a suitable option, unless it is a thematic staging or one of the segments of the phonogram.
When choreographing a dance, observe its stylistic features, which also should not contradict musical accompaniment. Interesting and profitable look thematic dances and miniature dances, in which a certain story is played up. The advantage of such productions is the ability to make your dance for everyone.It is good to play the main roles even for amateurs, since the emphasis in these dances is not on choreography, but on the acting qualities of the performers. Therefore, such numbers are very common in amateur activities.
Use different shapes and rebuilds. The changing picture allows you to make your dance brighter, more dynamic and lively. But avoid frequent repetitions of the same movements and figures - they spoil the overall impression very much, of course, if you don’t put on a dance for small children, where no one will pay attention to such “flaws”.
You can make your dance more memorable if you use not only costumes, but also certain attributes. They can be used to emphasize the images and characters of the performers (hat, cane), to create the atmosphere corresponding to the dance (chair, bench, desk, mirror), to form a national color (Gzhel kettle, cut and plywood and appropriately colored) and for other purposes .

Video: Tyga - Do My Dance (Explicit) ft. 2 Chainz

Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall – Juju On That Beat (Official Music Video)
How to do your dance

♦️Do Your Dance Challenge - New Musically Compilation | Funny Dance Challenges 2018
How to do your dance

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