How to eat after surgery for cancer of the oesophagus or stomach

How to do a stomach operation

Before a planned surgery on the stomach, you need to pass several tests and undergo additional instrumental methods of examination. According to the results of all studies, the doctor judges the following: is it possible for your body to undergo anesthesia, which surgical intervention method will suit specifically in your case.
Analyzes. You need to pass a complete blood count, according to its results, you can judge the level of hemoglobin and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate. If the hemoglobin level is below normal, the doctor will prescribe anemia treatment and will have surgery. Elevated ESR indicates the presence of inflammatory processes in the body, the doctor will decide what other examination you need to pass to identify the source of inflammation.
A general urine test is taken to determine the health of the urinary system. If you have a gross pathology of the kidneys, then the operation on the stomach will either be postponed, or will be carried out with parallel medical treatment of the kidneys.
You have to donate blood from a vein for biochemical research. The results of biochemistry will show how your liver and other organs work, whether the organism will bear the load of the upcoming operation.
You need to check the level of prothrombin index. If PTI is below normal, the operation may be complicated by bleeding.
Instrumental examinations. Complete fibrogastroduodenoscopy, which will clarify the area of ​​the lesion in the stomach, the nature of the pathological process. For FGDs, the doctor will take a biopsy from you, that is, pinch off a small piece of the gastric mucosa for a histological examination under a microscope. This examination clarifies the nature of the pathological process, the area of ​​resection depends on its results.
Anesthesia will be required to perform a stomach operation. Before surgery, you must check the work of the heart with an ECG. Artificially putting you in an unconscious state is possible only during normal heart function.
In cases when you are experiencing and cannot decide on an operation, talk with your doctor, tell about everything that concerns you, ask the necessary questions.The doctor will explain to you how the anesthesia proceeds, how the operation goes, what phenomena you will encounter during the postoperative period. Ask questions about why an operative method of treating stomach pathology is needed in your case, what complications may arise. Explanatory doctor's answers will help you calm down and morally prepare for surgery.
If you know people who have already done this operation, then talk to them. Such conversations will help overcome your fear and tune in to a speedy recovery.

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Eating after stomach cancer surgery - Macmillan Cancer Support
How to do a stomach operation

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