Jonathan McLatchie Borrows James White's Dismissive and Inconsistent Apologetics on Song of Solomon

How to dismiss for inconsistency of a post

To dismiss an employee formismatchoccupiedpostsyou first have to prove itmismatch. To do this, conduct employee certification.
Issue the order of the established form on the certification of the employee. The order must contain the dates of the attestation commission.
On the basis of the order, give the employee a notice of his passing the certification. The notification must be given no later than two months before the attestation commission.
When carrying out certification, be guided by the qualification reference book and the list of official duties of the employee. Make sure you include the chairman of the trade union body of the company in the attestation commission.
If, according to the results of the attestation commission, an employee will be recognized as inappropriateposts, you are not in the right to fire him. To begin, you must offer him the vacant position, which is available in the enterprise. This may be a lower position or less paid.
In the event that the worker refuses the vacancy offered by youpostsYou have the right to dismiss an employee. To do this, you must issue an order of dismissal of the established form. The dismissed employee must be acquainted with the order under the painting. Day of dismissal will be considered the last day of work of the employee.

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How to dismiss for inconsistency of a post

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