April 21, 2016 Webinar: Managing Employee Absenteeism and Sick Leave

How to dismiss an employee for absenteeism

You will need
  • - the act of the absence of an employee in the workplace;
  • - the requirement to provide written explanations;
  • - explanatory from the employee about the reasons for absenteeism;
  • - time sheet;
  • - order to terminate the employment contract (form No. T-8);
  • - employee's personal card (form No. T-2);
  • - employment history;
  • - payroll.
In order to properly dismiss an employee for absenteeism, an employer must have an evidence base. Therefore, only the execution of the order of dismissal will not be enough. Otherwise, the employee may appeal the decision to dismiss in court, and the employer will be brought to administrative responsibility.
Initially, it is necessary to issue an act of the absence of an employee in the workplace. It must contain the data of the employee, the date and time of his absence, the signatures of witnesses and an indication that the reason for the non-attendance has not been clarified. The certificate must be signed by at least two witnesses.You can also take reports from other employees who confirm that they did not see a shirker in the workplace.
Fill in the timesheet formulation of HH (non-appearance due to unexplained circumstances). At the same time, ask the employee for an explanation of the reasons for absence from the workplace. This can be done both verbally and in writing. But if the employee is configured to conflict, it is better to make a written request. On the preparation of the explanatory worker is given two days.
Explanatory note must be saved. If a refusal is received from the employee, it is necessary to make a record of the refusal in the relevant act.
Issue the order on termination of the employment contract on the form № T-8 in connection with absenteeism. The date of the order must be no later than a month after a truancy.
Make an entry in the workbook. Specify the number and date of the order of dismissal, as well as the basis for termination of the contract - absenteeism.
Issue a personal card of the employee in the form No. T-2. Record a cancellation of an employment contract due to absenteeism here. The employee must sign the document.
On the day of the dismissal, it is necessary to pay all the remunerations due (including payment sheet), as well as to issue documents - a work record, a certificate of the amount of remuneration.

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How to dismiss an employee for absenteeism

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How to dismiss an employee for absenteeism

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