What Data Does Windows 10 Send to Microsoft?

How to disable snooping in Windows 10

Microsoft motivates the collection of personal data about its users by offering relevant contextual advertising and timely system improvements. butsome items of the license agreement may be considered a violation of privacycustomers. That is why the request how to disable surveillance in Windows 10, is increasingly common among the owners of the latest version of the OS.

In addition to contact information, the system will collect passwords, user’s hobbies and preferences on the network, including online purchases, downloadable and transferable content, bank card information and payment systems, as well as location data of the device and much more. By agreement on all information and materials received by Microsoft, there is no shelf life, which means that the company can dispose of them for any amount of time.

Disable snooping in Windows 10 can be at the time of installation of the system, abandoning the standard settings. At this stage, go to the “Settings” in the lower left corner and drag the slider to “Disabled”.At the account entry stage, select “Skip this step” to log in with a local account.

After installing the system, go to the "Settings" menu, then "Privacy" and disable unnecessary in your opinion the parameters in all sections, ranging from general to background applications. In the same menu "Options", go to the heading "Update and Security" and then in Windows Defender, we reject activated options.

Go to the taskbar, Settings menu, turn off Cortana in the tab with the gear icon. To turn off telemetry collection in Windows 10, open the command prompt as an administrator and drive:

  • sc delete DiagTrack

  • sc delete dmwappushservice

  • echo ""> C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Diagnosis \ ETLLogs \ AutoLogger \ AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl

  • reg add "HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ DataCollection" / v AllowTelemetry / t REG_DWORD / d 0 / f

Confirm each command with the Enter key.

In the settings of the Edge browser built into the system, we find the “View advanced settings” item. Disable all unnecessary options, leaving only the action "Send requests Do Not Track" active. If you have already activated Windows 10 under your account, then you can go to the local mode in the menu “Options” - “Your account”.

With the help of these recommendations will not work to completely disable surveillance in Windows 10.Here the most accessible methods were set out, reducing the control by the system and prohibiting the collection of personal user data.

Video: SecuPerts Anti-Spy for Windows 10

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How to disable snooping in Windows 10

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