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How to dilute soy sauce

You will need
  • - sauce;
  • - water;
  • - sea kale.
Choose the soy sauce that you will use in your kitchen. Before adding it to food, determine the concentration and try on the salt. A good soy sauce should be opaque, dark brown in color and have a distinct peculiar taste. This sauce must be diluted with another liquid, otherwise the dish will turn out too salty.
Soy sauce is sold in bottles. Do not dilute all volume at once. Take as much soy sauce as you use in 2 days, otherwise it may sour. Keep the diluted sauce in the refrigerator in a bottle with a lid so that the smell of the refrigerator does not get into the sauce.
Dissolve soy sauce to your concentration. Love the taste more salty - dilute in a ratio of 1: 1. For dilution, you can use the usual cold boiled water. On the part of the sauce - part of the water.
For the cultivation of soy sauce, you can make a special decoction. The Japanese are preparing dashi broth.For its preparation you need a dry leaf of sea kale - kombu. It is boiled for 2 hours on low heat. The cooled broth is diluted with soy sauce. The remaining broth can be used to prepare various dishes. Instead of a kombu, you can boil ordinary dry cabbage, which is more tender and cooked faster. A few leaves on a bucket of water. Better soak it for several hours in cold water. Cook over low heat for 30 minutes.
For a lighter concentration, dilute the sauce in a 1: 2 ratio. For one part of the soy sauce, two parts of water or dashi broth. You can breed to any concentration and transparency. With dashi sauce any concentration will have an exquisite taste.

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How to dilute soy sauce

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How to dilute soy sauce

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