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How to develop analytical thinking

First, think up a situation: it should be simple and familiar to you. Then set a goal: solve this problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Find several ways out of this situation. Choose the most suitable for you, on which you spend a minimum of effort and time.
Ask yourself some leading questions about this problem that will help you in solving the problem. Make a decision.
If you are not satisfied with your decision, analyze it. After that, start from the beginning.
This is the easiest way to develop analytical thinking. Gradually, the complexity of the situation invented by you should increase, and the ways to solve the problem should increase.
You need to ask yourself guiding questions, because any of them encourages thinking about the problem more deeply and in more detail, taking into account various aspects.
Then throughout the day, think over the situations that happened to you, and even the most insignificant ones. In the evening, make a summary of the decisions taken. Analyze all your actions.Think about what prompted you to take exactly this decision and what would change if you could have done it differently.
In addition, you can analyze everything you see or read. Put yourself in the place of the main characters. You can also come up with actions that you would have committed. Let them be several. This should gradually become a habit.
Helpful advice
Constantly apply all these skills in everyday life. Although at first it will be difficult to abandon the previous decisions, because you thought differently. The more often you engage in self-analysis, the more effective your analytical thinking will be, and this will help you to make decisions correctly and quickly in the future in any situation.

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How to develop Analytical Power for UPSC | 10th Pillar of IAS preparation | Dr. Vijay Agrawal/AFEIAS
How to develop analytical thinking

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