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How to determine whether to take a loan?

The psychological attitude to the loan is of great importance for the person who took it. However, this applies to almost all aspects of our lives.

You must admit that everyone has some definite relation to their credit. Some of them are beginning to perceive them, as, as, as something weighty, even in some frightening, in general, quite negative. They can be fully understood, because non-payment of a loan can lead to sad consequences.

And there are people who treat the same largest loan as something with which they can easily cope. They refer to it in terms of confidence. Credit seems to them as something that may not be very pleasant, but which cannot have any power over them.

Feel the difference in these two psychological positions. Our attitude directly affects the development of the situation. And in the second case, under all other equal conditions (loan size, income level, etc.), the loan will be repaid much easier and faster.

The unfavorable psychological mood itself disorganizes, does not allow to act effectively and correctly, and the fear of the situation takes forces that could be useful for timely actions to resolve a difficult financial situation.

And vice versa, remember, when there is a constructive attitude to a business, it develops according to a more positive scenario.

Before taking a loan, it is desirable to assess how comfortable we can feel the time when we will be forced to give it back. In this case, financiers recommend planning monthly payments in the amount of the third part of the monthly income - this is the optimal amount. Let's now try to psychologically feel your feelings in the process of payments.

This can be revealed with the help of a simple picture. Imagine that you took the loan that you are thinking about and draw yourself and this loan on a blank sheet. You can draw a loan in the form of a symbol or a cloud. This can be either a specific or abstract pattern.

And now look at your drawing and evaluate on it how difficult it is for you to interact with the selected loan.Is it bigger than you? Does he feel heavy or aggressive, can he crush?

Of course, in some ways such a description would be subjective. However, if you answer all these questions “yes”, then it is worth thinking again whether you need to take a loan now.

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How to determine whether to take a loan

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How to determine whether to take a loan

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