How to find Device ID of Android phones and Android Tablets

How to determine the device id

You will need
  • A computer with a Windows operating system.
Right-click on the “Computer” icon in Windows 7 or “My Computer” in Windows XP. In the context menu that appears, click on the item "Properties".
The System Properties window will appear on the screen. Open the “Hardware” tab in it and click on the “Device Manager” button. It contains a list of all the hardware installed in the computer, provides information about its state, properties, installed drivers and the ability to change the settings of each device.
Equipment in the device manager is divided into groups. Select the group you wantdevicesand open it with a double click with the left mouse button. Click the right mouse button on the desired device. Select "Properties" in the pop-up menu that appears.
Open the "Details" tab in the properties window of the selected equipment.From the drop-down list located on the tab, select the item “Instance codedevices". In the large field under the drop-down list you will get the desired id-devices.
On the Internet there are databases in which unique codes of manufacturers and their equipment are stored. If you were looking for an instance code to identify an unknown device, then you need to search for the name using one of these databases.
To do this, open the website
Copy the manufacturer's code in the Vendor Search fielddevicesto determine the firm that released the equipment. Click the Search button. Manufacturer Codedevicesis contained in the first 4 digits, separated by a dash from the id- fragmentdevicesVEN.
Copy the model code in the Device Search field to determine the name, type and version of a specificdevices. Model codedevicescontains in the first 4 digits after the subscript dash following the DEV fragment.
Click the Search button. From the search results, select the one that corresponds to your specific manufacturer.

Video: How to find Device ID and Vendor's ID in Windows System

Find Your iPhone Device ID (UDID)
How to determine the device id

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