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How to determine the cause of the fire

Schedule a set of activities within the designated fire and technical expertise. It includes clarification of the place of fire, the establishment of the mechanism of occurrence of combustion and its development. It will also be necessary to determine the attendant circumstances that contributed to the fire.
Identify the object to be examined. It can be burned parts of buildings, structures, materials, machinery or transport. Record traces of fire. For this, a protocol is drawn up in which all the features of a particular situation are reflected in writing. It is mandatory to take photographs of the premises, the remnants of burning substances, the location of the wiring and so on.
For technical expertise, remove samples of combustion products from the scene, remnants of objects with traces of fire, and so on.
During the inspection of the fire site, establish the source of fire and determine the direction in which the fire spread. Answer the question: what was the burning mechanism in this area? Check whether there is one fire, or several such places. Could there be spontaneous combustion of materials in the area under study? If the fire site contains signs of arson, indicate them in the inspection report.
Interview people related to a room or other object exposed to fire. This may be the tenants of the house, employees of the company responsible for the maintenance of premises and fire safety. In the course of the survey, clarify everything related to the possible causes of fire, pay special attention to the facts of violation of safety measures when handling fire.
Collect the collected material carefully and comprehensively, the results of which make a reasonable conclusion about the most likely cause of the fire.

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How to determine the cause of the fire

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How to determine the cause of the fire

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