How to Calculate Numbers on a Rental Property

How to determine the amount of rent

You will need
  • - contract;
  • - calculator.
In accordance with the Land and Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the amount of rentalfees�calculated by the formula - A = S X PC X ZK X BS. In this formula A is the rent, S is the area of the dwelling or land plot, PC is the correction factor �� is the zonal coefficient, BS is the base rate.
When transferring property for rent, apply all factors according to regional laws. Each terrain has different base rates, zonal and correction factors, so the calculation will look individual.
For example, if you transfer a dwelling with an area of 50 square meters, the base rate applied in your region is 5, the zone coefficient is 2, the correction factor is 4. It turns out that the rent for the year will be 50x4x2x5 = 2000 rubles. You can charge a fee for the entire year, for a quarter, six months or monthly. If the contract states that the payment must be made monthly, the payment will be 166.67 rubles.
Using the same method, calculate the rental amount.fees�for a land plot transferred for use to citizens under a fixed-term or long-term lease agreement. The coefficient of calculation is applied according to regional laws.
For example, you transferred a land plot of 200 square meters, the base rate is 10, the correction factor is 3, and the zonal rate is 4. It turns out that the rent for one year is 200x10x3x4 = 24,000 rubles. When charging rentalfees�monthly payment will be 2000 rubles.
When transferring land received during the auction, apply a preferential zonal coefficient. Each subject of the Russian Federation has the right to apply its preferential rate, but, as a rule, it is lower by three to five times than the total used for land plots received in turn. If the construction is not completed within the terms specified in the contract, you have the right to apply a general coefficient.

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How to determine the amount of rent

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