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How to cut a ringtone

You will need
  • Sound Forge, Movie Maker, Internet access.
There is a huge number of programs with which you can cut out a part of a musical composition. To get started, use the standard program - Windows Movie Maker.
Run this program. On the main toolbar, locate the File menu and open it. Select “Add”. Specify the path to the desired music file.
At the bottom of the screen will display a visualization of the music track. Select unnecessary segments of the composition. Click on them with the right button and select “Delete”.
Open the "File" menu and select "Save As." Specify the name of the future file and its format.
Unfortunately, not all versions of Windows include the described program. In such cases, it is recommended to use more powerful applications. Install the Sound Forge program.
Run this application. Open the "File" menu and select "Add." Specify the required file. Similar to the process described in the third step, clear the audio track from unnecessary parts.
Click the Save button.In this case, you can specify the file format and its name, but also the sound quality, bit rate and many other parameters.
If you do not want to install additional applications, then use one of the many Internet services.
Go to page Click the Download button. Specify the path to the desired file.
Wait for the file to load. Similar to the third step, bring the soundtrack to the final state. Click the Crop and Download button. Specify the location where the new file will be saved.

Video: how to cut songs for ringtone in your phone

How to cut mp3 songs and set ringtones android in mobile
How to cut a ringtone

How to cut mp3 music in ringtones, gane ko cut karke ringtones banaye
How to cut a ringtone

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