Make Your Own Flash Game For Free

How to create a flash game

Idea of ​​the game

Before you start creating a game directly, you need to have an idea about it. Flash technology is best suited for creating non-complex games with a minimal amount of features. Ideas for such a game can be many, for example, a puzzle or role-playing game. All these games are usually designed for one player who can perform a limited number of actions. If you have never created flash games before, you should start with 2d format. Creating 3d games is also possible, but it requires deep knowledge of the programming language and a lot of experience.


Flash game code is written in the programming language Action Script 3 (AC3). To successfully create your own game, you need to have at least a basic knowledge of this language. In the process of studying it, it is recommended to create elementary games that will give an idea of ​​how this technology works. A good way to learn AC3 is to read code from other developers. Programmers usually do not disclose the source codes of their games, but you can find open source projects as well as various tutorials where such codes can be presented.
To quickly create a game, you will also need to purchase Flash Professional. This is a paid program, but it greatly simplifies the development process; moreover, you will not need any additional programs.

Folder structure

The game you create can be quite complex and contain many images and sound clips. In order not to get lost in them, create separate folders. For example, you should have a main folder in which the entire game project is stored, it can contain img, snd and src packs in which pictures, sound clips and code files will be stored, respectively. Such an organization of folders is especially important if there are several people working on the game.

Coding and Testing

When writing game code in the AC3 language, three basic code structures are used: variables, event handlers, and functions. They will allow you to translate your algorithms into code. In addition, the program code will contain the so-called objects with which the player will operate. Each of these objects has a set of properties that must also be specified. To monitor the program and check the current values ​​of specific objects, you can use the trace () command.Having finished building the code, you can immediately test your game by selecting the menu item Create-> Test Movie in the Flash Professional window.

Video: How to make a game in flash.

How to make a platform game in flash (CS5)
How to create a flash game

How to create a flash game

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